Monday, August 1, 2011

Plus One

June 15 2011, 36 weeks pregnant,and a breeched baby.

I woke up that morning not knowing that I was in labor, I had my weekly doctor appointment that morning and we were going to pick a date to do the c-section (as Jasper was breeched.) I went to work for a few hours and told the girls that I just really felt weird and not like myself. I went to my appointment and just as we were going to pick a date, my doctor said lets just check you first, I remember her face and her telling me that she was getting kicked a lot and that surprise!!.. I was at a 4. She told me to go to the hospital just to be safe and that she would let the other doctor know I was on my way. I left the doctors and called Toms cell, he didn't answer so I had to call him at work. I told him what was going on and he asked if he needed to come up to the hospital, I told him no because I really thought they were just going to monitor me and send me home later that day. I told him I would keep him posted, so we hung up and I called my mom, She was very shocked and talking to her I started to get worried that I might have this baby today, but still I just thought no im just going to be monitored. As I got to the hospital Tom called and said that everyone at work told him to leave and be with me.( Which I was very grateful for.) They got me into a room and got me hooked up to all the monitors and I was a little uncomfortable but I wasn't in to much pain. Still didn't realize that those were contractions.. lol My doctor came in and checked me again and this time I was at a 6 .....I remember him looking at the resident with a shocked/ concerned look and said well it looks like were having this baby today. He told us that he had one before us then we would do ours in about a hour and a half. Tom asked if he could go home and get a camera and things for me, as I had nothing ready,( I thought I still had a few weeks! )He told Tom there wasn't time and threw some scrubs at him to change into. Thats when it all sunk in that I thought I cant have him now, hes not ready to come out, im not ready! But it wasn't up to me, He wanted to come out now! About a half hour later they came and got me in the OR and ready to have my baby. It wasnt how I pictured that moment to be I thought I would be in labor for hours have to push and push or maybe still have a c-section, but being able to have all that time preparing yourself for your baby, not within 2 hours of going to the doctor.
As they started to cut, Tom just held my hand and squeezed hard it when they pulled him out, all of the sudden our lives changed, the moment I have been longing for, for 5 years was here. I became a Mother. As they brought him to be cleaned I saw my baby just looking around taking it all in and I could feel his sweet spirit, a spirit that Heavenly father choose for us. It was the most amazing feeling ever.
Jasper Evan Schmitt was born at 2:30pm, weighing 5 pounds 12 ounces and 19.5 inches long. He was perfectly healthy for being a preemie. I was and still am so thankful for that.

He was just so small.

A week after we had him we moved into our new house. Talk about alot of things happening all at once, A baby one week, new house the next and within a month Tom will be starting Dental School.. When it rains it pours for the Schmitts.
Growing and getting some chub on him.

I just love him.


Greg & Andrea said...

Michelle you really are blessed. Even with having him early everything has gone so well. He is so healthy! And I'm still pretty jealous you didn't have to go through your last month of pregnancy! Lucky......And I love all those sweet pictures of little Jasper he is such a cute little boy. And that picture of him and Tom...I just wanna kiss that little cheek!
yes sis you are a momma now. Welcome to Motherhood with all the challenges and joys that come with it. Let the games begin! :)