Monday, August 1, 2011

Plus One

June 15 2011, 36 weeks pregnant,and a breeched baby.

I woke up that morning not knowing that I was in labor, I had my weekly doctor appointment that morning and we were going to pick a date to do the c-section (as Jasper was breeched.) I went to work for a few hours and told the girls that I just really felt weird and not like myself. I went to my appointment and just as we were going to pick a date, my doctor said lets just check you first, I remember her face and her telling me that she was getting kicked a lot and that surprise!!.. I was at a 4. She told me to go to the hospital just to be safe and that she would let the other doctor know I was on my way. I left the doctors and called Toms cell, he didn't answer so I had to call him at work. I told him what was going on and he asked if he needed to come up to the hospital, I told him no because I really thought they were just going to monitor me and send me home later that day. I told him I would keep him posted, so we hung up and I called my mom, She was very shocked and talking to her I started to get worried that I might have this baby today, but still I just thought no im just going to be monitored. As I got to the hospital Tom called and said that everyone at work told him to leave and be with me.( Which I was very grateful for.) They got me into a room and got me hooked up to all the monitors and I was a little uncomfortable but I wasn't in to much pain. Still didn't realize that those were contractions.. lol My doctor came in and checked me again and this time I was at a 6 .....I remember him looking at the resident with a shocked/ concerned look and said well it looks like were having this baby today. He told us that he had one before us then we would do ours in about a hour and a half. Tom asked if he could go home and get a camera and things for me, as I had nothing ready,( I thought I still had a few weeks! )He told Tom there wasn't time and threw some scrubs at him to change into. Thats when it all sunk in that I thought I cant have him now, hes not ready to come out, im not ready! But it wasn't up to me, He wanted to come out now! About a half hour later they came and got me in the OR and ready to have my baby. It wasnt how I pictured that moment to be I thought I would be in labor for hours have to push and push or maybe still have a c-section, but being able to have all that time preparing yourself for your baby, not within 2 hours of going to the doctor.
As they started to cut, Tom just held my hand and squeezed hard it when they pulled him out, all of the sudden our lives changed, the moment I have been longing for, for 5 years was here. I became a Mother. As they brought him to be cleaned I saw my baby just looking around taking it all in and I could feel his sweet spirit, a spirit that Heavenly father choose for us. It was the most amazing feeling ever.
Jasper Evan Schmitt was born at 2:30pm, weighing 5 pounds 12 ounces and 19.5 inches long. He was perfectly healthy for being a preemie. I was and still am so thankful for that.

He was just so small.

A week after we had him we moved into our new house. Talk about alot of things happening all at once, A baby one week, new house the next and within a month Tom will be starting Dental School.. When it rains it pours for the Schmitts.
Growing and getting some chub on him.

I just love him.

Friday, May 20, 2011

Utah and Baby shower

This past week I went out to Utah for a quick visit to my family and a Baby shower. My trip started off a little rough, by getting stranded overnight in the Denver airport due to a freak snow storm, so after much scrambling around we got me safely to my moms house and I got to spend time with the people I love the most. It was sad that it was so short but after baby boy comes flying out wont be easier....... but ill have more time to come out if i want.

These are the horses that come to visit Mom and Dads.
Sweet darling Julia I love her and miss her so much already! she just smells wonderful and is just so kissable.
Ryan didn't like me too much this trip, it was too short for him to warm up to me. I hate it that we live so far apart that its like that when I see my sweet little nephew.
My sisters and Mom put together my Shower, Amber was the mastermind behind it all , and for those of you who know my sister, anything she does always turns out amazingly beautiful. It was a Milk and cookie theme.
These are the cups that we drank out of.
Milk table
And the beautiful way she put all the cookies together!

My wonderful sisters, who I am grateful are good examples to me and are such a support to me in my life. If I can somehow manage to be half the moms that they are I will be happy.
And my Wonderful mom who is the best motherly example I could ask for.
These are my sweet sister in laws who came to the shower, and its fun because we are all pregnant. Suzanne is about 15 weeks, me 32 and Amy almost 40.
Beautiful Amber
This picture makes me happy, in only a handful of weeks that baby on my chest will be my own sweet little angel that I have waited so long to have. I cant wait!

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Baby Bump

Well here it is, My 20 Week baby bump. I have been really bad about taking pictures of myself through this time so this is my first "prego" photo. Ill be better as the weeks go by but I thought I would throw this out there. :)

Also For those of you who dont know its a sweet little boy, and we are very excited!

Thursday, January 6, 2011


Christmas was a little different this year, But different is good sometimes.

Tom and I flew out along with the whole Schmitt clan to Utah to spend it with our families. And It was wonderful! I cant tell you how much it sucks that my whole family lives out west, it makes it hard to see people and to share memories with, but I think we did good this year.

Time flies and the kids who were just babies the last time you saw them are now running around talking laughing and are so big. It makes me sad a little bit.
Toms mom made all the boys matching pjs and all the girls these cute hats.
One day we had a big Schmitt gathering, I didn't get a picture of all 30 of us but it was a crazy and good day. Toms Grammy carved us this huge Santa which is amazing and we love it!
Christmas eve and Christmas day I think were my favorites! We got to spend those two days with my Parents and sisters. It been years since we all have been together. it was good to laugh and be our little family again.
Christmas day after we did present and ate we had the kids put on the Nativity. It was good, next year it will get better :)
But you cant tell me those are not the cutest Joseph and Shepard ever.

Eva loves the movie Tangled so this year she pretty much got everything Tangled including the wig.
I wished we all lived closer, I already miss them so much!!!

Monday, December 13, 2010

Good End of the Year

Well this end of the year has been a good one. Full of many blessing that I am so grateful that we have received.

First of all after a long Long process of waiting to hear from dental school again this year, (last year we did not get in) Tom got the wonderful news that he got accepted into University of Detroit Mercy. Which was his number one choice. And it is in Michigan so I am so thankful that we get to stay here, a major blessing!!!
I cant tell you how many prayers went out everyday over the past 2 years that we would get in, that we would be able to start progressing in a positive direction. We felt like we were just stagnant- not moving in any direction, and that was a very frustrating feeling. So my heart is full of joy that we now are going to start school this next fall and start on the way to a new chapter in our life!

A new chapter in our life... I really like the sound of that... Most of you who know me know that with all my heart all I have ever wanted was to be a mother. To raise sweet babies in the gospel to have the chance to be half the mom that my mom is. Over the course of the 4 years that Tom and I have been married I have watch countless couples get married, have babies and have more babies, and my heart would ache, I felt empty, all I wanted was that feeling and job of motherhood.
So after a wonderful trip to the temple with Tom we decided that now was the time to try, yes there are many uncertain questions and answers that we had,like if we were going to get in to school or not (we did not know yet if we were in)but we felt like a leap of faith was required here. I knew with all my heat and soul that the Lord would take care of us, that he would not put us on a path that we could not handle... so we went for it.......

July 11 2011 I will have my wonderful sweet baby to hold and look into those eyes and feel something that I cant even explain. Sometimes a leap of faith is what we needed to do all along, since finding out that we are going to have a baby there has been so many blessing that have come into our lives.I am overwhelmed by them and have so much gratitude for my heavenly father, I am so ready for this new chapter in our lives, I know it will be challenging but I am ready for it!
This has been a great end of the year, and I am ready to face the new year with all the new challenges and changes.

Baby.. not the best picture, but here it is.. 9 weeks old. Tom calls it our little mousekewitz.

Thursday, October 28, 2010

Four Years

Four years ago I married my best friend, the man who makes me want to be a better person in every way that I can. I cant believe how fast time has gone by! It seems like yesterday that we were only dating, and now 4 years later we live in a small hobbit hole and are making our memories and life together. I'm looking forward to the rest of the journey that we have and glad that I'm get to go through all of life's ups and downs with Tom.

Happy Four years, Heres to eternity...